CashFlow 101™ Workshop

Now you can play CashFlow 101™, the board game created by Robert Kiyosaki, in a 5 hour workshop and learn amazing things about your money habits. The more you learn, the smarter you manage your money.  The smarter you manage your money, the faster you create the lifestyle of your dreams.    

Let's face it, most people hate to talk about money issues and even when they take a seminar or read a book about finances, it doesn't necessarily translate into changes that positively impact their financial outlook. 

By playing the CashFlow Game™ you have a safe environment in which to identify your beliefs and behaviors around money, investing, charity, work, children, shopping, etc.  You can purchase real estate, businesses, stocks, rare coins, and other options and see how they move you toward or away from your lifestyle goals.

While playing the game you can make mistakes, learn from them, and not actually impact your financial reality.


  • Playing the CashFlow Game™ with 4 - 6 participants
  • A healthy lunch
  • Observations, challenges and coaching from Fran and the other participants
  • An action plan to make positive changes in your life after the game
  • A follow up group conference call to celebrate success and eliminate what blocks you from success



  • Learn how seemingly simple purchases dramatically affect your finances
  • Evolve from trading time for money
  • Create passive income to get out of the rat race
  • Learn the financial impact of having children, boats, weddings, college, and more
  • Experience how real estate investing can make or break you
  • Play with stock market investing in a safe environment
  • Experience how differently you behave when money is not a concern
  • So much value from PLAYING a game with a coach onboard


TRUE STORY:  At the end of a game Fran asked one player who was the least successful in playing the game how much money he had.  He didn't know and it was a lot.  He actually had enough money to get out of the rat race but his "opportunity" didn't present itself so he took no action toward his goal. 

Fran asked him if this was a reflection of anything in his real life.  He admitted that he had $150,000 sitting in a checking account that was not even drawing interest.  He left that game and took action.  He did some research and invested in REITS.  He put his money to work for him.

What might you identify and change as a result of this workshop?  Sign up and find out.

Recommended reading prior to playing: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

PLAY FOR FREE: If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your home (must be in Cleveland, TN area) and enroll at least four more people at $59 tuition each, you will pay no tuition for yourself. For more information on attending or hosting a workshop please contact Coach Fran Henry by phone: 423-472-0809 or email: