Group Coaching

Group coaching takes place with 4 to 10 people who are working toward a common goal. They invest time, money and energy to achieve their goals much faster than they would on their own.

Can you think of a time in your life when you were totally supported in working toward a goal? Remember how empowered you felt? Now imagine having that type of support on a continuing basis from your coach and your coaching group.

You can join an existing group or be part of a newly forming group. The group meets with Fran three times per month over a telephone conference line for 45 to 55 minutes per call. The members of each group are partnered with a buddy from the group. The buddies call each other daily on week days to make commitments for the day. The growth and progress is much greater than any one person experiences on their own.

To begin working with a group and creating the life you really want, call or email Fran Henry Coaching Services. PH: 423-472-0809. Email or click on CONTACT US on the left menu.