About Fran



My Story

From childhood, I loved to champion people, especially the underdog.

While in high school, I chose a helping profession that was new to me, but very inviting.  I had never previously heard of or been treated by a Registered Dental Hygienist and yet was determined to become one.  So you might call me a trail blazer.

I loved my chosen profession and practiced for 30 years in 3 very caring progressive practices.  Then one day my adult son challenged me to become a professional coach.  He said, “You have been coaching all your life.  Why not get paid for it?”  

That was not the first time someone made such a suggestion to me.  A dental assistant I  worked with once said, “You are wasting your time as a Dental Hygienist.  There is no question that you are probably one of the best but you have so much more to offer the world than just being a hygienist.”  She later hired me as her coach when she was transitioning from a dental assistant to a dental office manager.  My DISC and Values assessments specifically suggest that I am well suited to be a coach.

My Path

I spent several months trying to convince myself to stay and be happy working in dentistry.  After all, I had been with this dentist for over 15 years and was making a good income with benefits most hygienists only dream of.  I could probably retire in 12 years.  I did have to admit that I had chronic pain in my neck and shoulders from my work. 

I hated the idea of leaving my patients.  One favorite patient once said, “I don’t care what you do to my mouth, just keep doing whatever it is you do to my mind.”   Also, coaching was such a new profession and I was not sure I was still a trail blazer.  

I even tried a more traditional career transition.  I enrolled in college to study business management.  That was short lived.  I believe that God places the ideas or dreams in our minds and then just waits for us to be willing to accept them and make them our reality.  She knows the how; we just have to get the what.  So I enrolled in Coach U, the premier coach training program founded by Thomas Leonard, the father of coaching.  I started my business, Fran Henry Coaching Services in 1999 and graduated from Coach U in 2000.  I love my new profession.  It has led me into one of my dreams - to work with my son in his company,  The Ultimate Game of Life, and edutainment company, where I am in total alignment with the mission: Inspiring Happiness, Health and Wealth worldwide.  I am a Trainer, a Team Coach and I coach many of the Live Laser Coaching Gyms.

Early in my coaching career I decided to overcome the number one fear for most people - public speaking.  I joined Toastmasters International and there began a journey that transformed me from a knee shaking wannabe to an inspired speaker.  I have deliverd key note speeches to the FL Methodist Preshcool Teachers Association at their annual meeting and the McMinn County, TN Sr. Olympics Awards Banquet.  I have spoken to numerous groups about health and wellbeing, personal growth, and the power of environments to affect change.  All that prepared me for the Training Webinars and the Coaching Gyms that I lead live for The Ultimate Game of Life using the latest technology to create a unique experience for the participants.  This is another trail blazed and I love it, especially when all the technology works.


My Mission

I am passionate about working with people who want to live happy, healthy and wealthy lives, and are willing to take the actions necessary to do just that.  I wrote the following quote early in my coaching career and and still embrace it today:

"The value of knowledge is realized only when action is taken upon the knowledge.  Knowledge without action is like a seed that never grows." ~ Fran Henry

I am a woman of action and I am always encouraging others to take action to live the life of their dreams.  I have a coaching model that helps you get very clear on what you want; make the decision to go for it; identify and take action; and most importantly, follow-up to make sure you are on track and moving forward toward what you really want.

So if you are ready to create the life of your dreams, take action and give me a call to discuss how coaching can help you. No matter who you are and what you want, there is a way and coaching can help you find it.  Call now.  423-472-0809 (Eastern time zone).  Since much of my work is over the phone, please leave a message if your call is not answered in person.