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Top 10 Easy Transitions to Healthier Living

There are many easy ways to make subtle changes in your habits that produce great rewards and below are just a few. If you take on even one of these substitutions at a time you can make great progress. Enjoy the process!

1. Brown rice vs. white rice. Brown rice is less processed than white rice so it has more nutrients. It also has a mild nutty flavor. If you are unsure how you will like it, try using a mix of brown and white rice at first. There is even a quick cooking kind available in most grocery stores.

2. Whole wheat vs. white in breads and pastas. This is for the same reason as #1. The less processed a grain is the more nutrients you ingest. The more color in a food, usually, the more nutrients. Why eat food that has been stripped of all the natural nutrients and "enriched" with a few token nutrients. Whole grain foods are becoming very available in regular grocery stores. The pasta may be in the healthy food section rather than the pasta isle.

3. Raw nuts vs. cooked nuts. The oil in nuts becomes rancid very rapidly. Cooking speeds the process dramatically. The oil in peanuts is the worst for being rancid. Try eating all nuts raw and avoiding peanuts entirely. Nuts are high in fat content so watch how much you eat. They are a great source of vitamin E.

4. Baked or steamed vs. boiled. When you boil food in water and throw the water away, you throw the nutrients away in the water. If you bake potatoes for mashed potatoes you have no water to wash away the nutrients. If you steam vegetables, you loose much less of the vitamins as they aren't soaking in water that gets discarded.

5. Lemon water vs. plain. If you are not used to drinking water and need flavor in your drink, try adding a little fresh lemon or lime juice. It flavors the water and gives you a little vitamin C.

6. Green tea vs. regular tea. Green tea has many more antioxidants (anticancer chemicals) than regular tea. There is much research to support that claim and the taste is similar. You can purchase Green Tea almost anywhere you purchase regular tea.

7. Stevia Extract vs. artificial sweetener or sugar. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is much sweeter than sugar. Some studies have shown it to balance blood sugar instead of creating the high and low that sugar does. Artificial sweeteners have many adverse side effects. NutraSweet when heated turns to formaldehyde. You will find Stevia in health food stores in powder or liquid form The most convenient is individual packets just like the artificial stuff.

8. Exercise ball vs. chair. An easy way to stay in motion, which helps to burn calories and keep you alert is to sit on an exercise ball (looks like a giant beach ball). You can sit "on the ball" while working at the computer, talking on the phone, watching television, etc. They are available at most discount department stores in the sports section.

9. Waxed paper vs. plastic wrap. Plastic wrap when heated gives off PCB's which are known to cause cancer. Therefore, plastic wrap should never be used to cover food in the microwave or to cover food for storage before it has cooled.

10. Non-aluminum deodorant vs. name brands. Aluminum is believed to be a possible contributor to Alzheimer Disease. The #1 active ingredient in most name brand underarm deodorants and antiperspirants is an aluminum compound. The skin is a wonderful absorber and the underarm is a prime area for absorption. Try using deodorants with natural Tea Tree Oil. It is very effective and many contain no aluminum. You will probably have to purchase this in a health food store.

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Fran Henry, Personal and Small Business Coach, can be reached at 386-753-0323, or email: fran@franhenry.com

With over 30 years in the health care/dental industry, Fran has worked with thousands of people to create a healthy lifestyle. For an introduction to a new life you truly deserve, visit her at www.franhenry.com.