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Listen To Your Body


“But God has so arranged the body, …that there may be no dissension within the body, but the members may have the same care for one another”.  1 Cor. 12:24-25.


My yoga students hear this suggestion many times during their class.  What exactly does it mean to listen to your body?  How do we quiet the mind long enough to listen to the body? An article in the December 2003 Yoga Journal Magazine tells about a young man who is a paraplegic and teaches other paralyzed people to tune into their whole body.  If they are able to do that even though they are paralyzed in parts of their body, how much easier should it be for those of us who are not paralyzed?  The question that arises is what is paralysis?  Are we paralyzing our body simply by not tuning into its messages or even worse, ignoring the message until it is unbearable?


When was the last time you responded immediately and appropriately to your body’s communication about pain?  Do you still believe “no pain, no gain?”  Maybe your mantra is “if I ignore it, it will go away.”  How about needing nourishment of food or water, rest, exercise or even needing to eliminate waste?  There are many people who only eat one meal per day or only eat at specific times each day.  Surely they experience hunger pangs that go unanswered.  Why would we have hunger pangs if we were meant to ignore them?  Waiting too long to eat is a major contributor to overeating.  Are you getting enough rest or when you are tired do you just keep pushing yourself to meet your commitments when your body is screaming for rest?  One major contributor to traffic accidents comes from drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel.  America is a nation of

sleep deprived drivers.


What would your life be like if you were to really tune into the messages your body sends?  You would probably be much happier, healthier and perhaps even wealthier.  You would make much wiser choices.  It is the choices we make every minute of every day that dictate the story of our lives.


Why do so many people wait until the warning lights come on and stay on to care for themselves?  If you are paying more attention to the warning lights on your car or you machines than your body you can expect the body to break down.  Not immediately because God created our bodies miraculously.  However, even miracles can be overcome by abuse.


How much better would your life be if you were to honor your mind, body and spirit by responding its needs immediately and fully or better yet, even being proactive?  Think of just one thing you can change starting today and repeating it daily for 90 days until it becomes a habit.  Then when you see how much that improves your life – tune in for that- you can choose the next thing and continue your journey to a better lifestyle. 


These are great areas to work on with a friend, buddy or coach.  Just for today can you commit to listening to your body and work to satisfy its needs?  God created our bodies as many members working together for the good of the whole.  The catch is that we were also given free will.  Are you allowing the free will of the mind to silence the language of the body?  Take a few moments today to close your eyes, breathe deeply and tune into your heart and body.  Give your mind permission to be quiet.  Perhaps learning to listen and respond to your own body is the first step in learning to listen and respond to the needs of others.  It is often said that you cannot give away what you do not possess.  Are you willing to start with yourself and start today?  Good luck with all that you choose to do.


Take care, and create a great life with God’s blessings.  A coach can help.



With over 30 years in the health care/dental industry, Fran has worked with thousands of people to create a healthy lifestyle. Fran is a graduate of Coach U, an Accomplished Toastmaster, Bronze level.   For an introduction to a new life you truly deserve, visit www.franhenry.com and call 423-472-0809 to schedule your complimentary coaching call.



Fran Henry