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Five proven steps to making your dreams your reality.


"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.By Henry David Thoreau


Are you living the life you really want and dream about? 


What would it take for you to live your ideal life?


What is keeping you from living your ideal life now?


Are you willing to move toward living your dream life?


1. The first step is to realize that you can live the life of your dreams.  Take a few minutes to review your life.  Remember the times when you were determined to get what you wanted.  What motivated you was a very strong desire.  Imagine if you could always call upon that level of desire to create what you want.  Guess what?  You can!


2. The second step is to create a very clear vision of that life.  Describe it in words, pictures, statements, mental images, etc.  Realize that the brain thinks in pictures, so create as many pictures of your ideal life as you can.  If you always wanted to live in the mountains, find a picture of what that looks like to you.  Maybe it is six months in the mountains and six months at the beach.  Maybe it is traveling around the world by boat, plane or hot air balloon. What does your ideal day look like?  Whatever your dream, cut out pictures and put them on a poster board (dream board).  Now add a symbol of money which can be paper money, real money, or money symbols so you don’t end up with a lot of debt while creating your dream life.  Finally add something that symbolizes Spirit so you enlist your Higher Power’s blessings and help.  Now post this in a conspicuous place so you see it often.  Invest some time looking at your dream board just before going to bed since that is the time the mind is most susceptible to suggestion.  The normal filters are relaxed and you are less likely to self-talk yourself out of your dream.


3. The third step is to identify the action steps you will take to make your dream come true.  You will want to “chunk it down” to very small steps.  Always ask yourself, “What is the next most important step for me to take in achieving my dream?”  Take some action toward your dream regularly.  If you enlist the support of a friend, family member or personal coach you will usually shorten the time it takes to accomplish your goals.  It helps to have someone other than yourself to whom you are accountable.  It is worth seeking support.  After all, wouldn’t you love to have your dream sooner than later?


4. The fourth step, as with any other plan, you will want to constantly monitor your progress and see if there are any needed adjustments to the plan.  It also can be very beneficial to list any obstacles that stand in the way of attaining your goals.  Work with your support person to overcome the obstacles before they become barriers.


5. The final step is to remember to celebrate all your success – fully experience the joy of attaining your dreams.  That is what you have worked for.  Good luck with your dream board and your dream creation.  You deserve it!  Take care, and create a great life with God's blessings!  A coach can help.


Fran Henry, Personal and Small Business Coach can be reached at 423-472-0809 or email: coachfran@franhenry.com


With over 30 years in the health care/dental industry, Fran has worked with thousands of people to create a healthy lifestyle.  Fran is a graduate of Coach University.  For an introduction to a new life you truly deserve, visit www.franhenry.com and call 423-472-0809



Fran Henry