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Articles > What are the Benefits of Group Coaching?


·         In a workshop, people are generally left on their own to keep going after the workshop is over.

·         The material from workshops can be easily forgotten during or after the workshop.

·         To truly integrate and learn material - you need to work with it over a period of time!

·         Synergy is very powerful - shared knowledge becomes exponential.

·         Peer group coaching - new ideas from others who are in the same place.

·         Encourages interaction, sharing, telling, courtesy, bonding skills.

·         Network (formal & informal) is created, which continues outside of the calls.

·         Participants can give the other participants different perspectives and new paradigms.

·         You are more apt to do the work when reporting back to a group.

·         Creates an atmosphere of success.

·         Both group members and coach are models for each other.

·         People feel more accountable and committed to their own success within a group setting.

·         Great value for group members - the fee is less than half the fee for individual coaching.

Susan Rasmussen